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"The cost compared to VSAN or Physical SANs & servers was £30k cheaper " - Paul Brough - Network Manager - Boughey Distribution
Boughey Distribution & Cybvantic Working Together
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Boughey Distribution are a primary 3PL business and provide warehousing, distribution, consolidation or contract packing operations to all major supermarkets in the UK.

The team that brought you Cybvantic have been working with Boughey for over 12 years. We work closely with them in all aspects of their Cyber security infrastructure and we have enjoyed a long standing, trusted relationship. 

We brought Scale to Paul at Boughey  as a fast an cost effective platform to run their extensive SAP implementation and based on testing and on our recommendation Boughey moved to Scale and have not looked back. 

Boughey Distribution Scale Implementation Project
We speak to Network Manager Paul Brough about the success of his Scale Implementation and his long standing relationship with the team that bring you Cybvantic. 
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Life before Scale

What Applications are
you Running on Scale 

Before moving to Scale we had  a VMware Virtual Storage Appliance  (not VSAN) and three vSphere hosts.

We had a lot of problems with the VMware VSA product, but the underlying vSphere was ok with just mostly gripes. The software is massively over complicated and requires support for the whole setup from a min 2 and max 3 different support companies (VMware, Host Manufacturer & SAN Manufacturer).

We knew we needed to upgrade the system and before we looked at Scale we considered vSAN and physical SANs and servers. 

Why Scale?

II have worked with Vinny and his team for over 12 years, they upgraded our Firewalls, server and switching infrastructure and also implemented our wireless infrastructure throughout all of our warehouses. So when I was approached by Vinny to take a look at Scale to run our SAP environment, his level of enthusiasm pretty much convinced me this was going to be a game changer.

•The cost compared to VSAN or Physical SANs & servers was £30k cheaper.

•The support is something else, (never had to hold for more than 10m) and never had to be passed to another engineer. We also have the added support from Cybvantic because every product purchased through them automatically drops into our ongoing support with them. 

•There was thorough Attention to detail from Vinny and the Scale pre-sales team in every aspect from the specification of the kit, based on current VM’s, to taking into account requirements for future growth.

•The simplicity of adding additional nodes is amazing, management is quick and effortless, creating a server has never been so quick. when we first looked at it Vinny demonstrated how you could restart a server in 6 seconds.

•The way snapshots are managed is a breath of fresh air and saves a massive amount of storage.


Scale has also changed our backup strategy, I take three hourly snapshots of our file server and in the event of needing a file restore

•I add the HDD from the snapshot required to the file server, which then shows up as an additional disk

•Copy and paste the file into the required restore location

•Make the HDD Offline in Disk Manager

•Delete the Snapshot disk from the File Server

We are running numerous applications on our Scale Estate;

  • SAP

  • Exchange

  • Apache - HTTP Server Project

  • MS SQL Server

  • MS Biztalk Server 2020

  • MS Terminal Services.

Has Scale helped you 
during the current COVID

Massively, I had to get over 50 people working from home and all I had to do was clone my template for Win 2019, increase the CPU, RAM & HDD. Then boot, add to the domain and configure it as a TS which I managed to do in less than an hour.

What are your future Plans

We are working with Vinny and his team and budget has been requested for 20/21 to increase our current production cluster to four nodes and to buy an additional cluster to be installed at another warehouse 5 miles away. The plan is to use Scale replication to replicate VM’s from production to this warehouse for DR.

What the Team at Cybvantic Say..

"After completing our own exhaustive testing and in addition to other successful customer projects delivered by my team, I had no hesitation in recommending Scale Computing to Boughey.  Based on their requirements Scale fit the bill perfectly delivering a very fast, easy to manage, slick and secure solution to fulfil their virtual requirements". - Vinny Booth - Technical Director  - Cybvantic 

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