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  •   We start by helping our customers establish a cyber risk and threat management plan

  •   We deploy modern security management that gives our clients complete visibility and actionable insight into their network security.

  •   Deploy effective vulnerability identification and remediation.

  •   We layer security across wired, wireless, cloud and mobile networks

  •   Install next generation firewall’s (NGFW) that leverage shared intelligence and utilise quad engine sandboxing technology to identify unknown cyber attacked and malware – even when its hidden in deep memory – all done in real time.

  •   Implement TLS/SSL inspection whilst maintaining network performance.

  •   Educate and test employees about cyber-attack risks e.g. Phishing,

    malware ... Do not click on the link....

  •   Work with customers to deploy behaviour based AV on endpoints that protect outside the network as well as defend against fileless attacks.

  •   Deploy a cloud application security solution that provides next generation security for SaaS applications such as office 365, G Suite to protect email, data and user identities from advanced threats.

  •   Deploy access points and enable wireless best practices to secure WIFI traffic.

  •   Everything is Supported and reported on using the latest management and analytics from a single pane of glass ... simple.

Conceptual image of businessteam working
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